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Do Stair Lifts Use a Lot of Electricity (and Other Common Questions)

We’ve been providing stair lift installations for long enough now to anticipate certain questions.

Will it work if I have a curved staircase?

Do stair lifts use a lot of electricity?

Is it safe?

All reasonable questions, all of which we can answer. In this blog post, we’ll address some of the common questions we get from customers considering a stair lift installation.

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Stair Lift Myths Vs Stair Lift Facts

On one hand, a stair lift is a simple device: a chair, a railing, a power source, designed to get users up and down the steps. They could be curved stair lift or straight, but they still have the same basic job.

However, there are a lot of misconceptions about stair lifts. In this blog post, we’ll try to separate the myths about stair lifts from the facts.

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How Often Should I Have My Stair Lift Serviced?

Stair lift going up

The idea of going more than a year without taking your car to a mechanic seems ridiculous.

Even if we weren’t required by law to have our vehicles inspected, we’d want to have a professional check them out to make sure everything was in good working order.

The same thing applies to your stair lift. Having it serviced once a year can ensure safe passage for you or your loved ones. Continue reading "How Often Should I Have My Stair Lift Serviced?"

What Type of Stair Lift is Right for Me?

Nice home

When we’re just starting out in life, the phrase “the American dream” conjures up images of things like landing a great job or owning your own home.

Older Americans, meanwhile, have a different dream: staying in that home as they age. Survey after survey has found that a majority of people 55 and over want to live as independently for as they can as long as they can. Continue reading "What Type of Stair Lift is Right for Me?"

What Are the Benefits of a Vertical Platform Lift?

Bruno’s VPL-3300 series wheelchair lift series

We’ve written quite a bit over the years about the benefits of installing a stair lift. But with this blog post, we’re moving outdoors and focusing on a device that performs a lot of the same functions as a stair lift. It’s time to meet the VPL, otherwise known as the vertical platform lift. Continue reading "What Are the Benefits of a Vertical Platform Lift?"

Welcome Holiday Visitors with a Stair Lift

There’s a reason a lot of us find this time of year so stressful. The holidays can be anything but a holiday when you’re hosting guests.

And when one of those guests has a disability, your job goes beyond basic cooking and cleaning to making sure your home is as accessible as it is hospitable.

That’s why many people rent stair lifts around this time of year: it gives their guests who might have mobility challenges a way to access every part of the home.

But that’s not the only thing you can do to help visitors who might have disabilities. Here’s a list of some of the ways you can make your home more accessible and welcoming this year.

For guests with mobility issues

  • Mom in wheelchair
  • As we said earlier, you might want to rent a stair lift for the holidays. This will help both wheelchair users and older visitors who might have trouble on the steps.
  • You can also rent a temporary wheelchair ramp if your home has a lot of steps.
  • Invest in a shower seat and removable showerhead for guests that will be staying overnight.
  • Remove things that might become low-level obstacles, such as throw rugs or power cords.
  • Most wheelchairs are between 24 and 27 inches wide. Give wheelchair users enough space to go from room to room. This may mean – temporarily – removing smaller pieces of furniture.

For guests with Alzheimer’s or dementia

  • Speak with their caregivers ahead of time to learn your guest’s emotional triggers or stressors.
  • Put up a sign to guide people to the bathroom.
  • Set aside a quiet space where guests can nap if they feel restless.
  • Lock doors and block stairways.
  • Your guests may remember you, but they may not always remember recent milestones. You may have to talk about things like a wedding or the birth of a grandchild as if they’re learning about it for the first time.
  • Above all, remain positive and try to answer their questions in a way that doesn’t make them feel bad about forgetting things.

For guests who are deaf or have trouble hearing

  • Sign launguageMake eye contact when you talk with them, even if you’re speaking to someone acting as an American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter. If there’s no interpreter on hand, have a note pad handy – or just write things using the notes app on your phone.
  • Better still, learn a few phrases in ASL, like “It’s good to see you” or “It’s time for dinner.”
  • Communicate normally. There’s no need to shout or make overexaggerated movements with your mouth while speaking.

For guests with visual impairments

  • Allow them to take your elbow for guidance when showing them around. Keep an eye out for steps and inclines.
  • Show them to their seats at meals and let them know where things are on the table using clock directions. (“The cranberry sauce is at your two o’clock.”)
  • There’s no need to speak to people with visual impairment in a louder voice.
  • Introduce yourself with a hug or handshake, saying your name in the process. If there’s someone else with you, let the guest know where they are in relation to you. (“My son Jim is standing to my right.”)
  • If you need to move to another room during a conversation, be sure to let the guest know. (“I’m just stepping into the kitchen for a second.”)

Your holiday guests deserve to feel at home in your house, no matter their circumstances. At Pennsylvania Stairlifts, we’ve dedicated ourselves to making that happen.

Whether you need a permanent stair lift installation or just want to rent a stair lift for the holidays, we’re ready to help. Contact us today to learn more about our stair lift rentals. We look forward to helping your guests feel at home.

Is There a Difference Between a Stair Lift and a Chair Lift and a Lift Chair?

Senior Woman on stair Lift

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Want to Stay in Your Home? Embrace Universal Home Design

Mani n wheelchair at home

Want to make your home more accessible? Remember these words: universal design.

It’s a term that means an environment that can be used or accessed by anyone. You’ll find it at work on everything from the electronic doors at supermarkets to the curb cuts that allow wheelchair users to get on and off sidewalks. Continue reading "Want to Stay in Your Home? Embrace Universal Home Design"

How to Avoid Caregiver Burnout

An elderly person with a younger caregiver

Many parents want to age in place, but when that’s not an option, they often end up living with their adult children.

Caring for an elderly parent can often feel like a full-time career, especially if you’re already holding down a 9-5 job. It’s something we often hear from customers in the market for a new lift chair: they’re seeking ways to make life easier for themselves and their parents.

In this week’s blog, we’ll look at some of the signs that being a caregiver is leaving you feeling stressed, as well as some tips for dealing with this burnout.

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